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How to arrive

It boasts modern networks, headed by the Lleida-Alguaire airport, the first commercial airport promoted by the Government of Catalonia, has been conceived and built as the backbone of territorial rebalancing within the Catalan ambit, as one of the Lleida area’s economic drivers and as a connecting axis to the Pyrenees, the high-speed railway line (AVE) and the road network: the AP-2 motorway, which runs as a dual carriageway from the city of Barcelona to Lleida and then on to Zaragoza; the Eix Occidental, which leads to the Ebro, and the Eix Transversal bound for the Girona region.

This position as a crossroads will be soon enhanced by the construction of an airport in the neighbouring town of Alguaire and the Lleida-Huesca dual carriageway.

The city is easily communicated with the rest of the province: the A-230 goes to Val d'Aran and Vall de Boí and the C-1313 goes as far as La Seu d'Urgell and Andorra.




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