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Lleida Museum

The new home of the Lleida Diocesan and District Museum opened its doors to the public in November 2007, becoming the city's flagship museum. Visitors to its more than 7000 square metres of exhibition space are plunged into the history of Lleida. A story which begins with prehistory and continues up to the modern era.

The museum's exhibits are the combined product of two century-old collections, the aim being to bring together in one single building museum exhibits illustrating the city and its areas of influence. One features the sacred art drawn from the Diocesan Museum, bequeathed by the museum set up in 1893 by Bishop Messeguer. The other is the archaeological collection of the IEI (Lleida Studies Institute), dating back to the Antiquities Museum founded in the mid-19th-century, with its exhibits transferred to the IEI in 1942. The museum also features the coin collection of the Provincial Numismatic Bureau, along with a number of items from the so-called Cathedral Treasures. The 974 pieces of art and archaeology housed in the museum's permanent collection include in particular collections from the Bronze Age (from sites such as Genó, in Aitona), the eras of the Ancient Iberians (Gebut, in Soses) and Romans (Roman villa of Romeral, in Albesa), along with the Bovalar Visigothic collection, with the baptistry as its centrepiece.

Mention should also be made of the rock crystal chess pieces found in Àger (from the Fatimite period, 11th century); the Romanesque altar fronts; the stone sculptures from the Old Cathedral; the murals of Pia Almoina; the Gothic painting on the Ferrer workshop table; the 14th-century sculpture of the so-called School of Lleida; the Flemish tapestries; and the liturgical vestments of Pope Callistus III.


Address: Carrer Sant Crist, 1 - 25002 Lleida
Tel. 973 283 075
Web www.museudelleida.cat

Entrance price

Standard rate: € 5

Reduced rate: € 2.50

Ask about reduced rate and free entry conditions

Guided tours

Guided tours prices

Reservation required.

Winter opening hours (October to May)

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10h to 14h and 16h to 18h
  • Sunday and bank holidays: 10h to 14h

Summer opening hours (June to September)

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10h to 14h and 17h to 19h
  • Sunday and bank holidays: 10h to 14h

Closed on Mondays


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