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The Paeria palace

El Palau de la Paeria, or City Hall, is the seat of municipal government, and stands at the heart of the city's commercial thoroughfare. The term "paer" is derived from the Latin "patiari" meaning "man of peace", and dates back to the privilege granted by King James I in 1264.

The building has a double facade: one overlooks the Plaça Paeria and is built in the civil Romanesque style, while the other neoclassical facade, with a neo-mediaeval refurbishment dating from 1929, faces the River Segre. The result is a perfectly balanced construction. The building was erected on top of "strata" of history which technical staff from the city council and University of Lleida have revealed through successive excavations. The building was built in the early 13th century, and in 1383 the owners, the Lords of Sanaüja, donated it to the city as the seat of municipal government.

El Palau de la Paeria, the most distinctive work of civil Romanesque architecture in Lleida, is also one of Catalonia's most recognisable landmarks.

Today the Paeria, as it is known to locals, in other words the house of the "paer en cap", or Mayor, houses numerous treasures reflecting the city's identity.

The Reredos of Our Lady of the Mayors


This 15th-century Gothic reredos (1451-1454) adorning the ceremonial hall, where civil marriages are staged, originally stood over the altar of the Paeria's Chapel. The central figure is the Virgin Mary, flanked by the archangels Gabriel and Michael. Mary, surrounded by the four mayors, symbolises protection of the city government.

La Morra


In 1486 the basement of the Paeria was remodelled to create a prison with separate sections for men and women. La Morra was the name given to the chamber intended for those condemned to die. The stone walls of the prison feature extensive graffiti dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, representing crucifixion and keys, as symbols of religious devotion and the deprival of freedom.

The Municipal Archive and the People's Charter


This section features a beautiful wooden Baroque Cabinet known as the Cabinet of Privileges. Another of the archive treasures is the Book of Usages, dating from the 14th century. The most important historical document held in the municipal archive, though, is the Carta Pobla, the People's Charter, the first constitution of the inhabitants of the Lleida area, dating from 1150.



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