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Esteu aquí: Inici Lleida Experience International Puppet Theatre Festival

International Puppet Theatre Festival

From 3th to 5th May 2019

The Puppet Festival fills the most distinctive sites of the pedestrian shopping area, the Plaça Paeria, the Plaça Sant Francesc, the IEI courtyard and the Hort de Santa Teresa, as well as the city's theatre venues, with marionette performances intended for both children and adults. This unique event takes place just before the city's main festival in May, and attracts companies and directors from far afield. Locals and visitors alike are treated to 70 performances of more than 25 shows.

Companies from all round the world offer a comprehensive repertoire for every age, with shows free of charge or at modest prices.

The festival also features a number of other cultural events, such as exhibitions, a photography competition, puppetry workshop, etc.

All of which make it a unique gathering seen nowhere else in Spain.


Pl. Sta Teresa, 1.

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