Get to know the gastronomy of Lleida through its flavours, smells and textures that come off its kitchens and are a reflection of a fertile and generous land. Enjoy its local and quality products with its own personality: fruit, snails, grilled meat, sausages, olive oil, wine DO Costers del Segre ...

L'Horta de Lleida

The market garden provides vegetables for dishes whose main ingredients are meat from the farm and, above all, pork. It should be highlighted that the counties of Lleida are leaders in breeding and fattening this animal.

Wine and Oil with DO

Lleida's wine (DO Costers del Segre) and olive oil (DOP Les Garrigues) are top-quality products recognised at a world level.

Lleida is a member of the Lleida Wine Route which promotes the wine tourism in the lands of Lleida.

Snail cookery

Lleida is the capital of snail cookery. Snails can be cooked "a la llauna" (on metal plates, eaten accompanied by allioli or vinaigrette), with "samfaina" (green pepper and tomato sauce), "a la brutesca" (on a stone tile with burning straw placed on top of them), "a la gormanta" (fried with flour, salt and pepper)... The Aplec del Caragol (Snail Jamboree) culinary festival is the greatest example of this native Lleida cookery.

Sweets and baking

One of the most typical products prepared in the ovens of the city's bakeries is coca de recapte, a kind of flatbread which is topped with escalivada, tuna or cod and then baked.

An enjoyable way of trying out some of Lleida's pastry and confectionary is to follow the festival calendar and try the traditional fare: panellets sweet-meats for All Saints's Day, Easter mona cakes during Holy Week and sweet coca flatbread with crystallized fruit for the feast of Sant Joan or delicious Granados, an almond sweet named in honour of the famous musician and composer who was born in Lleida.


Wild mushrooms: When talking about autumn cookery we must not forget the wild mushrooms from the counties of Lleida: saffron milk caps, blue spot knights, grey knights, field mushrooms..

 CodFish par excellence from the inland regions that you can taste it a la llauna, au gratin with apple and garlic mayonnaise, with ratatouille, with honey ...


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