Escorxador Municipal Theatre

The former municipal abattoir, a modernist building dating from 1918, is today a cultural centre. The main auditorium can seat an audience of 310 people. There is also a secondary space used for experimental and multidisciplinary art. The third stage is provided by the Café Theatre, a multifunctional space.

The impressive backdrop to the entrance lobby is the work of Frederic Amat. The mural measures 7 x 7.5 m, with ceramics taking centre stage in the form of large sheets or doors above which more than five hundred clay horns hang from the wall.

Municipal Theatre School

The Escorxador Theatre is also the site of the Municipal Theatre School, where drama classes, acting symposia and mo­no­gra­phic courses are held.


Lluís Companys St.
Phone: 973 279 356



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