The River Road

If we walk along the avenue parallel to the left bank of the river Segre, we will see the noble façade of the city: the Montepio building, the Casino Principal, the Sala Cristòfol, the Casa Melcior, the neoclassical façade of the Paeria and the of the Pal·les building, presided over by the Seu Vella.

Its length is 17 km and its route goes from the Parc de la Mitjana to the Aiguamolls de Rufea and the hermitage of Butsènit, on the right bank of the river, and to the Seròs canal on the left bank.

If we follow it from Granyena to Butsènit, we will discover vestiges of the past: hermitages, mills, canals, ditches, orchards ... samples of the concentration of productive activities that the presence of water has caused.

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