Seu Vella and Old Town

During the visit you discover the most renowned monument in Lleida, la Seu Vella (the old cathedral of the city) and the charming city center which is a pedestrian−only area.

Tour itinerary includes:

  • Seu Vella
  • Paeria Palace
  • Peu del Romeu Chapel
  • New Cathedral
  • Old Hospital of Santa Maria

La Seu Vella is the most outstanding building of the monumental complex whose skyline identifies without a doubt the city of Lleida. La Seu Vella, the old cathedral of the city, comprises different spaces that constituted the cathedral at the time: the church with its chapels, the cloister, the bell tower and the canonical house. It was built in the Middle Ages and for five hundred years was the cathedral of Lleida. In 1707, as part of the War of Succession, it was closed for worship by King Philip V and was soon after transformed into military barracks. 

We will continue walking along the historical and commercial center of the city focusing on the most outstanding old buildings.

The entry of the monument is not included to the guide service. Free entry on the first Tuesday of the month. Check entrace fees

Duration: 2h30'

Meeting Point: Porta del Lleó 

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