Jaume Morera Art Museum

The Jaume Morera Art Mu­seum of Lleida is a public mu­seum, whose mission is to bring together a collection of modern and contemporary art within where the contributions of Lleida’s artists are appro­pria­te­ly contextualised. It also aims to conserve, study, interpret and exhibit this art as a way of ex­plai­ning the history of mo­dern and contemporary artistic ma­nifestations and, through the deployment of a range of cul­tu­ral services, to encourage and facilitate its visitors’ un­ders­tan­ding and critical appreciation in the contemplation and en­jo­yment of art. This mission is embodied in the resolute pre­ser­vation and con­servation of its collections, whi­ch span the whole of the twen­tieth century and are projected towards the twenty-first cen­tury, especially in the Museum’s programme of temporary ex­hi­bitions and a wide reaching edu­cative pro­gra­mme that is addressed at different public sectors.

The Museum is owned by the local Council but also benefits from the assistance of the De­pu­ta­tion of Lleida and the Mi­nis­try of Culture of the Ge­ne­ra­litat de Catalunya.

Temporary Exhibitions

One of the key research and dis­semination activities of Jau­me Morera Art Museum is the or­ga­nization of temporary ex­hi­bitions of its own design, in coordination with other mu­seu­ms and as the site of ex­hi­bitions that travel throug­hout Spain. The museum specializes mainly in exhibitions designed to provide a historical review of the main artistic ten­den­cies of the 20th century and re­tros­pective shows on well-known artists, particularly those con­nected with the city of Llei­da.


31 Major St.
Phone:  973 700 419

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