Roda Roda Museum

Lleida’s Roda Roda Museum is lo­cated in an old mechanical wor­ks­hop that has been res­to­red to res­pect the original struc­ture as clo­sely as pos­si­ble.

It houses a collection of vintage auto­mo­bi­les, mo­tor­bikes and en­gines, as well as a number of scale models that illustrate the history and de­ve­lo­p­ment of the automotive in­dus­try. A visit to the Roda Roda Museum will take you back in time and in­vi­te you to reflect on te­ch­no­lo­gical pro­gress and the social chan­ges it has broug­ht.

The items in the mu­seum co­llec­tion remind us of the fundamental need of human trans­port since time im­me­morial.


22 Santa Cecília St.
Phone: 973 212 635
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