Lleida Museum

The Museum of Lleida, whi­ch incorporates the Lleida Coun­ty and Diocesan Museums, ope­ned its doors in November 2007 as the flagship of Lleida’s mu­seu­ms. A tour around its more than 7000 squa­re metres of ex­hi­bition spa­ce pro­vides a great in­tro­duc­tion to the city’s history, starting with pre­his­toric times and con­ti­nuing right through to the present day.

The works displayed at the mu­seum come from the merger of two century-old collections and a desire to unite the items that represent the heritage of the city and its area of influence under one roof. One of these is the co­llection of sacred art from the Diocesan Museum, the most re­cent incarnation of the museum created in 1893 by Bishop Mes­se­guer. The other is the ar­chaeo­logical collection of the Institute of Lleidan Studies (IEI), which traces its origins back to the Mu­seum of Antiquities foun­ded in the mid-19th century, who­se co­llection passed into the hands of the IEI in 1942. The museum also houses the coin collection from the Provincial Council’s Nu­mis­ma­tic De­par­t­ment, along with so­me pieces from the so-called Ca­thedral Trea­sure. Among the 974 works of art and ar­chaeo­lo­gical pieces on permanent dis­play at the mu­seum are items from the Bronze Age (from the Genó site in Ai­to­na), the Iberian Era (the Gebut site in Soses) and the Ro­man period (a Roman villa from Ro­me­ral, in Albesa).

There are also items from the Visigoth sett­le­ment at El Bovalar, in­clu­ding the outstanding baptismal font. Other interesting items in­clu­de rock-crystal chess pieces from Ager (dating from the Fa­ti­mite period, 9th century), Ro­ma­nes­que altarpieces, stone sculp­tu­res from Seu Vella, the mural pain­tings of Pia Almoina, Gothic panel paintings from the Herrero studio, 14th century sculpture from what is known as the School of Lleida, and Flemish tapestries and clo­thes worn by Pope Calixtus III.


1 Sant Crist St.
Phone: 973 283 075

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