Pilgrimage of Saint James Lamps

July, 24. Festive Heritage of Catalonia

The Pilgrimage of Saint James (Sant Jaume) is another popular summer event. On 24 July, the boys and girls of the city congregate at the Church of Carme to start their pilgrimage to the New Ca­thedral.

All of them carry a little lamp to com­me­mo­ra­te the le­gend that describes how St. Ja­mes the Apostle came to Lleida to pre­a­ch the Gospel. Just as he was walking between the Carrer Ma­jor and Carrer Cavallers, a thorn got stuck in his foot. It was night time and the saint could not re­move the painful thorn until an angel ap­pea­red with a lamp to solve the pro­blem. On that spot, the Peu del Romeu chapel was built (see page 21), which con­tains a sculpture that represents the scene.


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