Musiquem Lleida. International Music Festival

Musiquem Lleida! is an international music festival staged on the streets and squares of the city of Lleida and surrounding districts. For a number of days the Shalom Choir give musical performances for free, transforming the city into a vast open-air auditorium.

One of the key functions of the Shalom Choir as a cultural institution is to raise awareness and enrich the musical life of the general populace by staging concerts and cultural events open to all.

Lleida and the surrounding district have produced such major international musical names as Ricard Vinyes, Enric Granados, Emili Pujol… It also has a strong choral and instrumental tradition, which is currently experiencing a boom thanks to the training of first-rate professionals.

This festival, then, aims to take music out onto the street to be enjoyed by anyone with an interest, while also giving a range of performers a stage on which to showcase their music.



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