The Tanneries

The Tanneries, located at num­ber 9 on the Rambla de Ferran avenue, are the most ancient and the best conserved in Spain.

Composed by two wor­ks­hops, now restored as a part of six tanneries of the 13th century.

Both who have been re­co­vered con­tain the canalization used in the Middle Ages, which gives the vi­si­tor a clear idea of the use of this essential element during the trans­formation process of the skin.

A dry or salt skin came to the wor­kshop and be­ca­me trans­for­med in­to a soft, supple leather ready to be used to make gloves, hats…

The visit also shows an ancient water mine.


9 Rambla Ferran
Phone: 973 700 345 / 616 962 112

Entrance Fee

Free entry


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