Chapel of Sant Jaume - Peu del Romeu

This small chapel originally dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows, was built in the Moslem era in what was the Christian district, and is now dedicated to St James. It has a small, rectangular layout, and is located right on Carrer Major. The chapel was refurbished in the 19th century courtesy of Bishop Tomàs Costa i Fornaguera, who in 1887 commissioned a design from the diocesan architect Celestí Company.

The exterior features two facades: the main one with a rounded arch capped by Our Lady of the Snows and flanked by two figures of St James the Apostle and St John the Baptist (the patron of the See of Lleida), and another overlooking Carrer Cavallers, with two round arched openings, one larger than the other and topped by a small skylight.

Inside is a sculpture of St James by the local artist Jaume Gort Farré (C. 20th), representing the apostle removing the thorn from his foot, while an angel casts light on him with a lantern. The sculpture is taken out in procession on the saint's feast day, 24 July. There is also a mural by local artist Miquel Roig i Nadal (1924-1993) presiding over the altar.

The upper floor of the chapel features permanent exhibitions of Lleida's well-known nativity scene designers, Paulina Ametller and Joaquima Barrufet.

The Peu del Romeu's Chapel is included to the Catalan pilgrimage route of The Way of Saint James Camí de Sant Jaume.


2 Cavallers St.



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